Thomas Chacko
Thomas Chacko
Professor of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, University of Alberta
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Oxygen isotope fractionations involving diopside, forsterite, magnetite, and calcite: Application to geothermometry
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Role of oceanic plateaus in the initiation of subduction and origin of continental crust
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Multi-stage modification of the Northern Slave mantle lithosphere: evidence from zircon-and diamond-bearing eclogite xenoliths entrained in Jericho kimberlite, Canada
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Constraints on rates of granitic magma transport from epidote dissolution kinetics
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The effects of fluorine on the vapor-absent melting of phlogopite+ quartz: implications for deep-crustal processes
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Diamond growth from oxidized carbon sources beneath the Northern Slave Craton, Canada: a δ13C–N study of eclogite-hosted diamonds from the Jericho kimberlite
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T Chacko, SK De, RA Creaser, K Muehlenbachs
Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences 37 (11), 1597-1609, 2000
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