Gregory Ludvigson
Gregory Ludvigson
Kansas Geological Survey, University of Kansas
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Sequence stratigraphy and long-term paleoceanographic change in the Middle and Upper Ordovician of the eastern United States
SM Holland, ME Patzkowsky, BJ Witzke, GA Ludvigson, J Day
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Meteoric sphaerosiderite lines and their use for paleohydrology and paleoclimatology
GA Ludvigson, LA González, RA Metzger, BJ Witzke, RL Brenner, ...
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Evidence for increased latent heat transport during the Cretaceous (Albian) greenhouse warming
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The mid-Cretaceous water bearer: isotope mass balance quantification of the Albian hydrologic cycle
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Phanerozoic history of the central midcontinent, United States
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Carbonate component chemostratigraphy and depositional history of the Ordovician Decorah Formation, Upper Mississippi Valley
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Correlation of Aptian-Albian carbon isotope excursions in continental strata of the Cretaceous foreland basin, eastern Utah, USA
GA Ludvigson, RM Joeckel, LA Gonzalez, EL Gulbranson, ET Rasbury, ...
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Evidence for an Albian Hudson arm connection between the Cretaceous western interior seaway of North America and the Labrador Sea
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The Plum River Fault Zone and the structural and stratigraphic framework of eastern Iowa
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Stratigraphic Implications of Meteoric Sphaerosiderite δ18O Values in Paleosols of the Cretaceous (Albian) Boulder Creek Formation, NE British Columbia Foothills …
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High latitude meteoric δ18O compositions: paleosol siderite in the middle Cretaceous Nanushuk Formation, North Slope, Alaska
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Paleoclimatic applications and modern process studies of pedogenic siderite
GA Ludvigson, LA González, DA Fowle, JA Roberts, SG Driese, ...
New Frontiers in Paleopedology and Terrestrial Paleoclimatology, SEPM …, 2013
Sedimentology and carbonate geochemistry of concretions from the Greenhom (marine cycle (Cenomanian-Turonian)
GA Ludvigson, BJ Witzke, LA González, RH Hammond, OW Plocher
Perspectives on the eastern margin of the Cretaceous Western Interior Basin …, 1994
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