Peter Zavalij
Peter Zavalij
Director of X-ray Crystallographic Center, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
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Fundamentals of powder diffraction and structural characterization of materials
VK Pecharsky, PY Zavalij
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Hydrothermal synthesis of lithium iron phosphate cathodes
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LG Akselrud, YN Grin, PY Zavalii, VK Pecharsky, VS Fundamenskii
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Use of the CSD program package for structure determination from powder data
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PY Zavalij, MS Whittingham
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Acyclic cucurbit [n] uril molecular containers enhance the solubility and bioactivity of poorly soluble pharmaceuticals
D Ma, G Hettiarachchi, D Nguyen, B Zhang, JB Wittenberg, PY Zavalij, ...
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Hydrothermal Synthesis and Characterization of KxMnO2•yH2O
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Structural collapse and superconductivity in rare-earth-doped CaFe2As2
SR Saha, NP Butch, T Drye, J Magill, S Ziemak, K Kirshenbaum, ...
Physical Review B 85 (2), 024525, 2012
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