James Peter Morris
James Peter Morris
Post-doc - Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences, Marie Curie Experienced Researcher CACHE-ITN
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The use of stress‐70 proteins in physiology: a re‐appraisal
JP Morris, S Thatje, C Hauton
Molecular ecology 22 (6), 1494-1502, 2013
Shells from aquaculture: a valuable biomaterial, not a nuisance waste product
JP Morris, T Backeljau, G Chapelle
Reviews in Aquaculture 11 (1), 42-57, 2019
Acute combined pressure and temperature exposures on a shallow-water crustacean: novel insights into the stress response and high pressure neurological syndrome
JP Morris, S Thatje, J Ravaux, B Shillito, D Fernando, C Hauton
Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology Part A: Molecular & Integrative …, 2015
Metabolic costs imposed by hydrostatic pressure constrain bathymetric range in the lithodid crab Lithodes maja
A Brown, S Thatje, JP Morris, A Oliphant, EA Morgan, C Hauton, ...
Journal of Experimental Biology 220 (21), 3916-3926, 2017
Characterising multi-level effects of acute pressure exposure on a shallow-water invertebrate: insights into the kinetics and hierarchy of the stress response
JP Morris, S Thatje, J Ravaux, B Shillito, C Hauton
Journal of Experimental Biology 218 (16), 2594-2602, 2015
Biomimetic and bio-inspired uses of mollusc shells
JP Morris, Y Wang, T Backeljau, G Chapelle
Marine genomics 27, 85-90, 2016
The role of ontogeny in physiological tolerance: decreasing hydrostatic pressure tolerance with development in the northern stone crab Lithodes maja
C Munro, JP Morris, A Brown, C Hauton, S Thatje
Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 282 (1809), 20150577, 2015
The potential for climate-driven bathymetric range shifts: sustained temperature and pressure exposures on a marine ectotherm, Palaemonetes varians
JP Morris, S Thatje, D Cottin, A Oliphant, A Brown, B Shillito, J Ravaux, ...
Royal Society open science 2 (11), 150472, 2015
Space station gas-grain simulation facility: Application to exobiology
CP McKay, CR Stoker, J Morris, G Conley, D Schwartz
Advances in Space Research 6 (12), 195-206, 1986
Plasticity in shell morphology and growth among deep-sea protobranch bivalves of the genus Yoldiella (Yoldiidae) from contrasting Southern Ocean regions
AJ Reed, JP Morris, K Linse, S Thatje
Deep Sea Research Part I: Oceanographic Research Papers 81, 14-24, 2013
& Kantor, R.(1995). Creating contexts for community-based problem solving: The Jasper challenge series
B Barron, NJ Vye, L Zech, D Schwartz, JD Bransford, SR Goldman, ...
Thinking and literacy: The mind at work, 47-71, 0
Deciphering mollusc shell production: the roles of genetic mechanisms through to ecology, aquaculture and biomimetics
MS Clark, LS Peck, J Arivalagan, T Backeljau, S Berland, JCR Cardoso, ...
Biological Reviews 95 (6), 1812-1837, 2020
Modelling seawater carbonate chemistry in shellfish aquaculture regions: Insights into CO2 release associated with shell formation and growth
JP Morris, MP Humphreys
Aquaculture 501, 338-344, 2019
Reproductive morphology of the deep-sea protobranch bivalves Yoldiella ecaudata, Yoldiella sabrina, and Yoldiella valettei (Yoldiidae) from the Southern Ocean
AJ Reed, JP Morris, K Linse, S Thatje
Polar biology 37 (10), 1383-1392, 2014
Proteogenomic analysis of Epibacterium mobile BBCC367, a relevant marine bacterium isolated from the South Pacific Ocean
S Matallana-Surget, J Werner, R Wattiez, K Lebaron, L Intertaglia, ...
Frontiers in microbiology 9, 3125, 2018
Transfiguring Love: Perspective Shifts and the Contextualization of Experience in the Ghazals of Hafiz
J Morris
Hafiz and the Religion of Love in Classical Persian Poetry, 227-50, 0
Data from: Metabolic costs imposed by hydrostatic pressure constrain bathymetric range in the lithodid crab Lithodes maja
A Brown, S Thatje, JP Morris, A Oliphant, EA Morgan, C Hauton, ...
Dryad Digital Repository, 2017
The significant challenge that distance learning represents to educators
M Scheuermann, D MacLachlan, J Morris
CACHE-ITN - D6.3 - Report synthesising the existing and potential uses of mollusc shells as a by-product of the aquaculture industry.
JP Morris
MSCA Cache-itn, 2018
The physiological viability of bathymetric range shifts in marine ectotherms
JP Morris
University of Southampton, 2015
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