Pradip Kumar Ghorai
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Entropy-mediated patterning of surfactant-coated nanoparticles and surfaces
C Singh, PK Ghorai, MA Horsch, AM Jackson, RG Larson, F Stellacci, ...
Physical Review Letters 99 (22), 226106, 2007
The effect of nanometre-scale structure on interfacial energy
JJ Kuna, K Voïtchovsky, C Singh, H Jiang, S Mwenifumbo, PK Ghorai, ...
Nature materials 8 (10), 837-842, 2009
Molecular dynamics simulation study of self-assembled monolayers of alkanethiol surfactants on spherical gold nanoparticles
PK Ghorai, SC Glotzer
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 111 (43), 15857-15862, 2007
Size limitations for the formation of ordered striped nanoparticles
RP Carney, GA DeVries, C Dubois, H Kim, JY Kim, C Singh, PK Ghorai, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 130 (3), 798-799, 2008
Diffusion anomaly as a function of molecular length of linear molecules: Levitation effect
PK Ghorai, S Yashonath, P Demontis, GB Suffritti
Journal of the American Chemical Society 125 (23), 7116-7123, 2003
On the Fowler-Nordheim field emission from quantum-confined optoelectronic materials in the presence of light waves
KP Ghatak, S Bhattacharya, A Mondal, S Debbarma, P Ghorai, ...
Quantum Matter 2 (1), 25-41, 2013
Assembling zirconium and calcium moieties through an oxygen center for an intramolecular hydroamination reaction: a single system for double activation
A Mukherjee, S Nembenna, TK Sen, SP Sarish, PK Ghorai, H Ott, D Stalke, ...
Angewandte Chemie International Edition 50 (17), 3968-3972, 2011
Atomistic simulation study of striped phase separation in mixed-ligand self-assembled monolayer coated nanoparticles
PK Ghorai, SC Glotzer
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 114 (45), 19182-19187, 2010
Phenalenyl‐Based Organozinc Catalysts for Intramolecular Hydroamination Reactions: A Combined Catalytic, Kinetic, and Mechanistic Investigation of the Catalytic Cycle
A Mukherjee, TK Sen, PK Ghorai, PP Samuel, C Schulzke, SK Mandal
Chemistry–A European Journal 18 (34), 10530-10545, 2012
Solvent reorganization entropy of electron transfer in polar solvents
PK Ghorai, DV Matyushov
The Journal of Physical Chemistry A 110 (28), 8857-8863, 2006
Phenalenyl‐Based Molecules: Tuning the Lowest Unoccupied Molecular Orbital to Design a Catalyst
TK Sen, A Mukherjee, A Modak, PK Ghorai, D Kratzert, M Granitzka, ...
Chemistry–A European Journal 18 (1), 54-58, 2012
Diffusion in nanoporous phases: Size dependence and levitation effect
S Yashonath, PK Ghorai
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 112 (3), 665-686, 2008
Conventional fluorophore-free dual pH-and thermo-responsive luminescent alternating copolymer
B Saha, K Bauri, A Bag, PK Ghorai, P De
Polymer Chemistry 7 (45), 6895-6900, 2016
Size-dependent maximum in ion conductivity: The levitation effect provides an alternative explanation
PK Ghorai, S Yashonath, RM Lynden-Bell
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 109 (16), 8120-8124, 2005
Solute and solvent dynamics in confined equal-sized aqueous environments of charged and neutral reverse micelles: A combined dynamic fluorescence and all-atom molecular …
B Guchhait, R Biswas, PK Ghorai
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 117 (12), 3345-3361, 2013
Photo-induced charge-transfer complex formation and organogelation by a tripeptide
P Jana, S Maity, SK Maity, PK Ghorai, D Haldar
Soft Matter 8 (20), 5621-5628, 2012
Effect of water on structure and dynamics of [BMIM][PF6] ionic liquid: An all-atom molecular dynamics simulation investigation
A Sharma, PK Ghorai
The Journal of chemical physics 144 (11), 114505, 2016
The Stokes− Einstein relationship and the levitation effect: size-dependent diffusion maximum in dense fluids and close-packed disordered solids
PK Ghorai, S Yashonath
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 109 (12), 5824-5835, 2005
Organozinc catalyst on a phenalenyl scaffold for intramolecular hydroamination of aminoalkenes
A Mukherjee, TK Sen, PK Ghorai, SK Mandal
Organometallics 32 (23), 7213-7224, 2013
Levitation effect: Distinguishing anomalous from linear regime of guests sorbed in zeolites through the decay of intermediate scattering function and wavevector dependence of …
PK Ghorai, S Yashonath
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 109 (9), 3979-3983, 2005
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