Aldo Minardo
Aldo Minardo
Università della Campania Luigi Vanvitelli
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Dynamic strain measurement in optical fibers by stimulated Brillouin scattering
R Bernini, A Minardo, L Zeni
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Response of fiber Bragg gratings to longitudinal ultrasonic waves
A Minardo, A Cusano, R Bernini, L Zeni, M Giordano
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Distributed sensing at centimeter-scale spatial resolution by BOFDA: Measurements and signal processing
R Bernini, A Minardo, L Zeni
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A simple technique for reducing pump depletion in long-range distributed Brillouin fiber sensors
A Minardo, R Bernini, L Zeni
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An instrumented flume to investigate the mechanics of rainfall-induced landslides in unsaturated granular soils
L Olivares, E Damiano, R Greco, L Zeni, L Picarelli, A Minardo, A Guida, ...
Geotechnical Testing Journal 32 (2), 108-118, 2009
A reconstruction technique for long-range stimulated Brillouin scattering distributed fibre-optic sensors: experimental results
A Minardo, R Bernini, L Zeni, L Thevenaz, F Briffod
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Distributed temperature sensing in polymer optical fiber by BOFDA
A Minardo, R Bernini, L Zeni
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Low distortion Brillouin slow light in optical fibers using AM modulation
A Minardo, R Bernini, L Zeni
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Brillouin optical time-domain analysis for geotechnical monitoring
L Zeni, L Picarelli, B Avolio, A Coscetta, R Papa, G Zeni, C Di Maio, ...
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Development and characterization of an integrated silicon micro flow cytometer
R Bernini, E De Nuccio, F Brescia, A Minardo, L Zeni, PM Sarro, ...
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Real-time monitoring of railway traffic using slope-assisted Brillouin distributed sensors
A Minardo, G Porcaro, D Giannetta, R Bernini, L Zeni
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Planar waveguides for fluorescence-based biosensing: optimization and analysis
R Bernini, N Cennamo, A Minardo, L Zeni
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Analysis of feasibility on the use of fiber Bragg grating sensors as ultrasound detectors
G Coppola, A Minardo, A Cusano, G Breglio, L Zeni, A Cutolo, ...
Smart Structures and Materials 2001: Sensory Phenomena and Measurement …, 2001
Identification of defects and strain error estimation for bending steel beams using time domain Brillouin distributed optical fiber sensors
R Bernini, M Fraldi, A Minardo, V Minutolo, F Carannante, L Nunziante, ...
Smart materials and structures 15 (2), 612, 2006
Stimulated Brillouin scattering modeling for high-resolution, time-domain distributed sensing
A Minardo, R Bernini, L Zeni
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Stimulated Brillouin scattering frequency-domain analysis in a single-mode optical fiber for distributed sensing
R Bernini, A Minardo, L Zeni
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Accurate high-resolution fiber-optic distributed strain measurements for structural health monitoring
R Bernini, A Minardo, L Zeni
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Proposal of Brillouin optical frequency-domain reflectometry (BOFDR)
A Minardo, R Bernini, R Ruiz-Lombera, J Mirapeix, JM Lopez-Higuera, ...
Optics express 24 (26), 29994-30001, 2016
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