Pasupathi Sundaramoorthy
Pasupathi Sundaramoorthy
Research Scientist II, Charles River Laboratory, North Carolina
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Multimodal selenium nanoshell-capped Au@mSiO2 nanoplatform for NIR-responsive chemo-photothermal therapy against metastatic breast cancer
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The combination of a sphingosine kinase 2 inhibitor (ABC294640) and a Bcl‐2 inhibitor (ABT‐199) displays synergistic anti‐myeloma effects in myeloma cells without at (11; 14 …
P Sundaramoorthy, C Gasparetto, Y Kang
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PINK1‐dependent mitophagy regulates the migration and homing of multiple myeloma cells via the MOB1B‐mediated hippo‐YAP/TAZ pathway
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In Vitro Cytotoxicity and Bioavailability of Ginsenoside-Modified Nanostructured Lipid Carrier Containing Curcumin
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Phase I study of opaganib, an oral sphingosine kinase 2-specific inhibitor, in relapsed and/or refractory multiple myeloma
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Relationship of acquired resistance of myeloma cells to bortezomib with Lyn and Src induced inhibition of PP2A and effect of treatment with the tyrosine kinase inhibitor dasatinib.
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Differential flt3 mutational status in acute myeloid leukemia predicts sensitivity to flt3 inhibitor gilteritinib in vitro and in vivo
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Thioredoxin-1 regulates self-renewal and differentiation of murine hematopoietic stem cells through p53 tumor suppressor
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Novel autophagy inducer, a4368 improves non-alchoholic steatohepatitis in mice
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A novel autophagy inducer, AS777, ameliorates liver fibrosis via suppressing liver inflammation
S Choi, MW Kim, P Sundaramoorthy, H Jung, JH Kang, KW Jeong, ...
한국실험동물학회 학술발표대회 논문집, 146-146, 2019
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