Enrique D Gomez
Enrique D Gomez
Professor of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science and Engineering, The Pennsylvania State
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Effect of molecular weight on the mechanical and electrical properties of block copolymer electrolytes
M Singh, O Odusanya, GM Wilmes, HB Eitouni, ED Gomez, AJ Patel, ...
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Zwitterionic Polymerization of Lactide to Cyclic Poly (Lactide) by Using N‐Heterocyclic Carbene Organocatalysts
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MJ Park, KH Downing, A Jackson, ED Gomez, AM Minor, D Cookson, ...
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CS Kim, SS Lee, ED Gomez, JB Kim, YL Loo
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Controlling nucleation and crystallization in solution‐processed organic semiconductors for thin‐film transistors
SS Lee, CS Kim, ED Gomez, B Purushothaman, MF Toney, C Wang, ...
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JE Yoo, KS Lee, A Garcia, J Tarver, ED Gomez, K Baldwin, Y Sun, ...
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Correlating the scattered intensities of P3HT and PCBM to the current densities of polymer solar cells
ED Gomez, KP Barteau, H Wang, MF Toney, YL Loo
Chemical Communications 47 (1), 436-438, 2011
Effect of miscibility and percolation on electron transport in amorphous poly (3-hexylthiophene)/phenyl-C 61-butyric acid methyl ester blends
K Vakhshouri, DR Kozub, C Wang, A Salleo, ED Gomez
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Sustainable thermoplastic elastomers derived from fatty acids
S Wang, S Vajjala Kesava, ED Gomez, ML Robertson
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Chain conformations and phase behavior of conjugated polymers
B Kuei, ED Gomez
Soft matter 13 (1), 49-67, 2017
Azadipyrromethene‐based Zn (II) complexes as nonplanar conjugated electron acceptors for organic photovoltaics
Z Mao, W Senevirathna, JY Liao, J Gu, SV Kesava, C Guo, ED Gomez, ...
Advanced Materials 26 (36), 6290-6294, 2014
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RD Pensack, C Guo, K Vakhshouri, ED Gomez, JB Asbury
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Device characteristics of bulk-heterojunction polymer solar cells are independent of interfacial segregation of active layers
H Wang, ED Gomez, J Kim, Z Guan, C Jaye, DA Fischer, A Kahn, YL Loo
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Altering the Thermodynamics of Phase Separation in Inverted Bulk‐Heterojunction Organic Solar Cells
CS Kim, LL Tinker, BF DiSalle, ED Gomez, S Lee, S Bernhard, YL Loo
Advanced Materials 21 (30), 3110-3115, 2009
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