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Rare earth element geochemistry of Late Devonian reefal carbonates, Canning Basin, Western Australia: confirmation of a seawater REE proxy in ancient limestones
LD Nothdurft, GE Webb, BS Kamber
Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 68 (2), 263-283, 2004
Rare earth element geochemistry of scleractinian coral skeleton during meteoric diagenesis: a sequence through neomorphism of aragonite to calcite
GE Webb, LD Nothdurft, BS Kamber, JT Kloprogge, JXIN ZHAO
Sedimentology 56 (5), 1433-1463, 2009
Low temperature synthesis and characterization of nesquehonite
T Kloprogge, W Martens, L Nothdurft, L Duong, G Webb
Journal of Materials Science 22, 825-829, 2003
Microstructure of common reef-building coral genera Acropora, Pocillopora, Goniastrea and Porites: constraints on spatial resolution in geochemical sampling
LD Nothdurft, GE Webb
Facies 53 (1), 1-26, 2007
Discerning the timing and cause of historical mortality events in modern Porites from the Great Barrier Reef
TR Clark, J Zhao, G Roff, Y Feng, TJ Done, LD Nothdurft, JM Pandolfi
Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 138, 57-80, 2014
Earliest diagenesis in scleractinian coral skeletons: implications for palaeoclimate-sensitive geochemical archives
LD Nothdurft, GE Webb
Facies 55 (2), 161-201, 2009
Calcite-filled borings in the most recently deposited skeleton in live-collected Porites (Scleractinia): implications for trace element archives
LD Nothdurft, GE Webb, T Bostrom, L Rintoul
Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 71 (22), 5423-5438, 2007
In Vitro and In Vivo Evaluation of Adenovirus Combined Silk Fibroin Scaffolds for Bone Morphogenetic Protein-7 Gene Delivery
Y Zhang, W Fan, L Nothdurft, C Wu, Y Zhou, R Crawford, Y Xiao
Tissue Engineering Part C: Methods 17 (8), 789-797, 2011
Brucite microbialites in living coral skeletons: Indicators of extreme microenvironments in shallow-marine settings
LD Nothdurft, GE Webb, NA Buster, CW Holmes, JE Sorauf, JT Kloprogge
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Cryptic meteoric diagenesis in freshwater bivalves: implications for radiocarbon dating
GE Webb, GJ Price, LD Nothdurft, L Deer, L Rintoul
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Large variations in the Holocene marine radiocarbon reservoir effect reflect ocean circulation and climatic changes
Q Hua, GE Webb, J Zhao, LD Nothdurft, M Lybolt, GJ Price, BN Opdyke
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Geochemistry-based coral palaeoclimate studies and the potential of ‘non-traditional’(non-massive Porites) corals: Recent developments and future progression
J Sadler, GE Webb, LD Nothdurft, B Dechnik
Earth-Science Reviews 139, 291-316, 2014
Refining the chronology for West Polynesian colonization: new data from the Samoan archipelago
JT Clark, S Quintus, M Weisler, E St Pierre, L Nothdurft, Y Feng
Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports 6, 266-274, 2016
Mid-Holocene sea-level and coral reef demise: U-Th dating of subfossil corals in Moreton Bay, Australia
ND Leonard, KJ Welsh, J Zhao, LD Nothdurft, GE Webb, J Major, Y Feng, ...
The Holocene 23 (12), 1841-1852, 2013
The evolution of the Great Barrier Reef during the last interglacial period
B Dechnik, JM Webster, GE Webb, L Nothdurft, A Dutton, JC Braga, ...
Global and Planetary Change 149, 53-71, 2017
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B Dechnik, JM Webster, L Nothdurft, GE Webb, J Zhao, S Duce, JC Braga, ...
Quaternary Research 85 (1), 44-53, 2016
Neutrophilic, microaerophilic Fe (II)-oxidizing bacteria are ubiquitous in aquatic habitats of a subtropical Australian coastal catchment (ubiquitous FeOB in catchment aquatic …
C Lin, EI Larsen, LD Nothdurft, JJ Smith
Geomicrobiology Journal 29 (1), 76-87, 2012
A marine reservoir correction for the Houtman-Abrolhos archipelago, east Indian Ocean, Western Australia
P Squire, R Joannes-Boyau, A Scheffers, L Nothdurft, Q Hua, L Collins, ...
Radiocarbon: an international journal of cosmogenic isotope research 55 (1 …, 2013
Reef core insights into mid‐Holocene water temperatures of the southern Great Barrier Reef
J Sadler, GE Webb, ND Leonard, LD Nothdurft, TR Clark
Paleoceanography 31 (10), 1395-1408, 2016
Significance of shallow core transects for reef models and sea‐level curves, Heron Reef, Great Barrier Reef
GE Webb, LD Nothdurft, JX Zhao, B Opdyke, G Price
Sedimentology 63 (6), 1396-1424, 2016
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