kichang kim
kichang kim
인하대 정보통신공학과 교수의 이메일 확인됨
VLIW compilation techniques in a superscalar environment
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Design optimization analysis of body attachment for NVH performance improvements
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Adaptation of a neighbor selection markov chain for prefetching tiled web gis data
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A resource-efficient ip traceback technique for mobile ad-hoc networks based on time-tagged bloom filter
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Two-stage ransomware detection using dynamic analysis and machine learning techniques
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High-performance internet traffic classification using a markov model and kullback-leibler divergence
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Collaborative design by sharing multiple-level encryption files
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A Case Study: Application of Analytical and Numerical Techniques to Squeak and Rattle Analysis of a Door Assembly
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Study of an in-order SMT architecture and grouping schemes
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Tagged fragment marking scheme with distance-weighted sampling for a fast IP traceback
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An analytical study of the mode-coupling effect on the instability of friction induced vibrations to guide design of a squeak test apparatus
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Development of an algorithm to automatically detect and distinguish squeak and rattle noises
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A node split algorithm reducing overlapped index spaces in m-tree index
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Securing anonymity in P2P network
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Automatic construction of theme melody index from music database for fast content-based retrievals
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European Conference on Information Retrieval, 605-612, 2003
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