Sang Moon Kim
Sang Moon Kim
Incheon National University
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A flexible and highly sensitive strain-gauge sensor using reversible interlocking of nanofibres
C Pang, GY Lee, T Kim, SM Kim, HN Kim, SH Ahn, KY Suh
Nature materials 11 (9), 795, 2012
Robust superomniphobic surfaces with mushroom-like micropillar arrays
SM Kang, SM Kim, HN Kim, MK Kwak, DH Tahk, KY Suh
Soft Matter 8 (33), 8563-8568, 2012
Bioinspired Reversible Interlocker Using Regularly Arrayed High Aspect‐Ratio Polymer Fibers
C Pang, T Kim, WG Bae, D Kang, SM Kim, KY Suh
Advanced Materials 24 (4), 475-479, 2012
Shape‐Controllable Microlens Arrays via Direct Transfer of Photocurable Polymer Droplets
D Kang, C Pang, SM Kim, HS Cho, HS Um, YW Choi, KY Suh
Advanced Materials 24 (13), 1709-1715, 2012
Stimuli-responsive hydrogel patterns for smart microfluidics and microarrays
SM Kim, B Lee, H Yoon, KY Suh
Analyst 138 (21), 6230-6242, 2013
Multiplex lithography for multilevel multiscale architectures and its application to polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cell
H Cho, SM Kim, YS Kang, J Kim, S Jang, M Kim, H Park, JW Bang, S Seo, ...
Nature communications 6, 8484, 2015
High-performance hybrid catalyst with selectively functionalized carbon by temperature-directed switchable polymer
N Jung, SM Kim, DH Kang, DY Chung, YS Kang, YH Chung, YW Choi, ...
Chemistry of Materials 25 (9), 1526-1532, 2013
Beetle-inspired bidirectional, asymmetric interlocking using geometry-tunable nanohairs
C Pang, SM Kim, Y Rahmawan, KY Suh
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Thermoresponsive switching of liquid flow direction on a two-face prism array
SM Kim, JH Koh, HS Suh, H Yoon, KY Suh, K Char
Soft Matter 9 (16), 4145-4149, 2013
Polymeric nanopillars reinforced with metallic shells in the lower stem region
H Yoon, MK Kwak, SM Kim, SH Sung, J Lim, HS Suh, KY Suh, K Char
Small 7 (21), 3005-3010, 2011
High-performance fuel cell with stretched catalyst-coated membrane: One-step formation of cracked electrode
SM Kim, CY Ahn, YH Cho, S Kim, W Hwang, S Jang, S Shin, G Lee, ...
Scientific reports 6, 26503, 2016
In Situ Realization of Asymmetric Ratchet Structures within Microchannels by Directionally Guided Light Transmission and Their Directional Flow Behavior
WG Bae, SM Kim, SJ Choi, SG Oh, H Yoon, K Char, KY Suh
Advanced Materials 26 (17), 2665-2670, 2014
Prism-patterned Nafion membrane for enhanced water transport in polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cell
SM Kim, YS Kang, C Ahn, S Jang, M Kim, YE Sung, SJ Yoo, M Choi
Journal of Power Sources 317, 19-24, 2016
Facile multiscale patterning by creep-assisted sequential imprinting and fuel cell application
S Jang, M Kim, YS Kang, YW Choi, SM Kim, YE Sung, M Choi
ACS applied materials & interfaces 8 (18), 11459-11465, 2016
Robust microzip fastener: repeatable interlocking using polymeric rectangular parallelepiped arrays
C Lee, SM Kim, YJ Kim, YW Choi, KY Suh, C Pang, M Choi
ACS applied materials & interfaces 7 (4), 2561-2568, 2015
Directional Clustering of Slanted Nanopillars by Elastocapillarity
SM Kim, J Kim, SM Kang, S Jang, D Kang, SE Moon, HN Kim, H Yoon
Small 12 (28), 3764-3769, 2016
Directional step flow across ridges on multiscale two-face prism array
H Yoon, SH Sung, JH Koh, SM Kim, SJ Choi, KY Suh, K Char
Macromolecular Research 23 (2), 145-148, 2015
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