Sang Moon Kim
Sang Moon Kim
Incheon National University
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A flexible and highly sensitive strain-gauge sensor using reversible interlocking of nanofibres
C Pang, GY Lee, T Kim, SM Kim, HN Kim, SH Ahn, KY Suh
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Robust superomniphobic surfaces with mushroom-like micropillar arrays
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Bioinspired Reversible Interlocker Using Regularly Arrayed High Aspect‐Ratio Polymer Fibers
C Pang, T Kim, WG Bae, D Kang, SM Kim, KY Suh
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Shape‐Controllable Microlens Arrays via Direct Transfer of Photocurable Polymer Droplets
D Kang, C Pang, SM Kim, HS Cho, HS Um, YW Choi, KY Suh
Advanced Materials 24 (13), 1709-1715, 2012
Ultra-sensitive pressure sensor based on guided straight mechanical cracks
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Stimuli-responsive hydrogel patterns for smart microfluidics and microarrays
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High-performance fuel cell with stretched catalyst-coated membrane: One-step formation of cracked electrode
SM Kim, CY Ahn, YH Cho, S Kim, W Hwang, S Jang, S Shin, G Lee, ...
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Facile fabrication of three-dimensional TiO2 structures for highly efficient perovskite solar cells
S Jang, J Yoon, K Ha, M Kim, DH Kim, SM Kim, SM Kang, SJ Park, ...
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Beetle-inspired bidirectional, asymmetric interlocking using geometry-tunable nanohairs
C Pang, SM Kim, Y Rahmawan, KY Suh
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High-performance hybrid catalyst with selectively functionalized carbon by temperature-directed switchable polymer
N Jung, SM Kim, DH Kang, DY Chung, YS Kang, YH Chung, YW Choi, ...
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Thermoresponsive switching of liquid flow direction on a two-face prism array
SM Kim, JH Koh, HS Suh, H Yoon, KY Suh, K Char
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Facile multiscale patterning by creep-assisted sequential imprinting and fuel cell application
S Jang, M Kim, YS Kang, YW Choi, SM Kim, YE Sung, M Choi
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Prism-patterned Nafion membrane for enhanced water transport in polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cell
SM Kim, YS Kang, C Ahn, S Jang, M Kim, YE Sung, SJ Yoo, M Choi
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Artificial slanted nanocilia array as a mechanotransducer for controlling cell polarity
HN Kim, KJ Jang, JY Shin, D Kang, SM Kim, I Koh, Y Hong, S Jang, ...
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Polymeric nanopillars reinforced with metallic shells in the lower stem region
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Flexible and shape-reconfigurable hydrogel interlocking adhesives for high adhesion in wet environments based on anisotropic swelling of hydrogel microstructures
HH Park, M Seong, K Sun, H Ko, SM Kim, HE Jeong
ACS Macro Letters 6 (12), 1325-1330, 2017
Crack-based strain sensor with diverse metal films by inserting an inter-layer
Y WhanáChoi, S MoonáKim
RSC advances 7 (55), 34810-34815, 2017
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