Declan G. Bates
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Feedback control in systems biology
C Cosentino, D Bates
Crc Press, 2019
Robustness analysis of biochemical network models
J Kim, DG Bates, I Postlethwaite, L Ma, PA Iglesias
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Robust multivariable control of aerospace systems
D Bates, I Postlethwaite
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Anti‐windup synthesis for nonlinear dynamic inversion control schemes
G Herrmann, PP Menon, MC Turner, DG Bates, I Postlethwaite
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Clearance of nonlinear flight control laws using hybrid evolutionary optimization
PP Menon, J Kim, DG Bates, I Postlethwaite
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Mathematical methods for robust and nonlinear control
MC Turner, DG Bates
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Dynamic allocation of orthogonal ribosomes facilitates uncoupling of co-expressed genes
APS Darlington, J Kim, JI Jiménez, DG Bates
Nature communications 9 (1), 1-12, 2018
Elucidating the mechanisms of cooperative calcium-calmodulin interactions: a structural systems biology approach
NV Valeyev, DG Bates, P Heslop-Harrison, I Postlethwaite, NV Kotov
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Stochastic noise and synchronisation during Dictyostelium aggregation make cAMP oscillations robust
J Kim, P Heslop-Harrison, I Postlethwaite, DG Bates
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Nonlinear analysis and synthesis techniques for aircraft control
D Bates, M Hagström
Springer, 2007
New tools for computing tight bounds on the real structured singular value
MJ Hayes, DG Bates, I Postlethwaite
Journal of Guidance, Control, and Dynamics 24 (6), 1204-1213, 2001
Translational recoding as a feedback controller: systems approaches reveal polyamine-specific effects on the antizyme ribosomal frameshift
C Rato, SR Amirova, DG Bates, I Stansfield, HM Wallace
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Implementing nonlinear feedback controllers using DNA strand displacement reactions
R Sawlekar, F Montefusco, VV Kulkarni, DG Bates
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Validation and invalidation of systems biology models using robustness analysis
DG Bates, C Cosentino
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Development and validation of a civil aircraft engine simulation model for advanced controller design
S Martin
University of Leicester, 2010
Robustness analysis of a reusable launch vehicle flight control law
PP Menon, I Postlethwaite, S Bennani, A Marcos, DG Bates
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Evaluation of lung recruitment maneuvers in acute respiratory distress syndrome using computer simulation
A Das, O Cole, M Chikhani, W Wang, T Ali, M Haque, DG Bates, ...
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Optimization of mechanical ventilator settings for pulmonary disease states
A Das, PP Menon, JG Hardman, DG Bates
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Nonlinear robustness analysis of flight control laws for highly augmented aircraft
PP Menon, DG Bates, I Postlethwaite
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A systems engineering approach to validation of a pulmonary physiology simulator for clinical applications
A Das, Z Gao, PP Menon, JG Hardman, DG Bates
Journal of the Royal Society interface 8 (54), 44-55, 2011
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