Manoj Kanskar
Manoj Kanskar
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Observation of leaky slab modes in an air-bridged semiconductor waveguide with a two-dimensional photonic lattice
M Kanskar, P Paddon, V Pacradouni, R Morin, A Busch, JF Young, ...
Applied physics letters 70 (11), 1438-1440, 1997
73% CW power conversion efficiency at 50 W from 970 nm diode laser bars
M Kanskar, T Earles, TJ Goodnough, E Stiers, D Botez, LJ Mawst
Electronics Letters 41 (5), 245-247, 2005
1-kilowatt CW all-fiber laser oscillator pumped with wavelength-beam-combined diode stacks
Y Xiao, F Brunet, M Kanskar, M Faucher, A Wetter, N Holehouse
Optics express 20 (3), 3296-3301, 2012
High power diode-pumped 2.7-μm Er3+:Y2O3 laser with nearly quantum defect-limited efficiency
T Sanamyan, M Kanskar, Y Xiao, D Kedlaya, M Dubinskii
Optics express 19 (105), A1082-A1087, 2011
Radiative emission of driven two-level atoms into the modes of an enclosing optical cavity: The transition from fluorescence to lasing
A Lezama, Y Zhu, M Kanskar, TW Mossberg
Physical Review A 41 (3), 1576, 1990
High-brightness semiconductor laser sources for materials processing: stacking, beam shaping, and bars
HG Treusch, A Ovtchinnikov, X He, M Kanskar, J Mott, S Yang
IEEE Journal of selected topics in quantum electronics 6 (4), 601-614, 2000
High-performance and high-temperature continuous-wave-operation 1300 nm InGaAsN quantum well lasers by organometallic vapor phase epitaxy
N Tansu, A Quandt, M Kanskar, W Mulhearn, LJ Mawst
Applied physics letters 83 (1), 18-20, 2003
Development of highly efficient deep-UV and electron beam mediated cross-linkers: synthesis and photolysis of bis (perfluorophenyl) azides
SX Cai, DJ Glenn, M Kanskar, MN Wybourne, JFW Keana
Chemistry of materials 6 (10), 1822-1829, 1994
High-power conversion efficiency Al-free diode lasers for pumping high-power solid-state laser systems
M Kanskar, T Earles, T Goodnough, E Stiers, D Botez, LJ Mawst
Novel In-Plane Semiconductor Lasers IV 5738, 47-56, 2005
53% wallplug efficiency 975 nm distributed feedback broad area laser
M Kanskar, Y He, J Cai, C Galstad, SH Macomber, E Stiers, D Botez, ...
Electronics letters 42 (25), 1455-1457, 2006
High brightness multijunction diode stacking
M Kanskar, RK Price, J Small, DM Hemenway, Z Chen
US Patent 9,705,289, 2017
Diode laser packages with flared laser oscillator waveguides
DM Hemenway, M Kanskar
US Patent 9,214,786, 2015
Performace and reliability of ARROW single-mode and 100-um laser diode and the use of NAM in Al-free lasers
M Kanskar, M Nesnidal, S Meassick, A Goulakov, E Stiers, Z Dai, ...
Novel In-Plane Semiconductor Lasers II 4995, 196-208, 2003
Crossover between dissipative and nondissipative electron transport in metal wires
M Kanskar, MN Wybourne
Physical review letters 73 (15), 2123, 1994
Reliability of high power/brightness diode lasers emitting from 790 to 980 nm
L Bao, J Bai, K Price, M Devito, M Grimshaw, W Dong, X Guan, S Zhang, ...
High-Power Diode Laser Technology and Applications XI 8605, 162-172, 2013
Spectral stabilization of laser diodes by external Bragg resonator
G Venus, V Smirnov, L Glebov, M Kanskar
17th Annual Solid State and Diode Laser Technology Review, SSDLTR-2004 …, 2004
Narrowband transverse-modal-instability (TMI)-free Yb-doped fiber amplifiers for directed energy applications
M Kanskar, J Zhang, J Koponen, O Kimmelma, V Aallos, IN Hu, ...
Fiber Lasers XV: Technology and Systems 10512, 65-73, 2018
High-brightness diodes and fiber-coupled modules
M Kanskar, L Bao, Z Chen, M Hemenway, D Dawson, M DeVito, W Dong, ...
High-Power Diode Laser Technology and Applications XIII 9348, 13-21, 2015
808 nm broad area DFB laser for solid-state laser pumping application
Y He, H An, J Cai, C Galstad, S Macomber, M Kanskar
Electronics letters 45 (3), 163-164, 2009
High power and high efficiency 1.8-kW pulsed diode laser bar
M Kanskar, Z Chen, W Dong, X Guan, S Zhang, S Elim, L Bao, ...
Journal of Photonics for Energy 7 (1), 016003-016003, 2017
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