Dongseob Kim
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Hybrid energy cell for degradation of methyl orange by self-powered electrocatalytic oxidation
Y Yang, H Zhang, S Lee, D Kim, W Hwang, ZL Wang
Nano letters 13 (2), 803-808, 2013
Triboelectric nanogenerator for harvesting pendulum oscillation energy
S Lee, Y Lee, D Kim, Y Yang, L Lin, ZH Lin, W Hwang, ZL Wang
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Robust Superhydrophilic/Hydrophobic Surface Based on Self-Aggregated Al2O3 Nanowires by Single-Step Anodization and Self-Assembly Method
Y Kim, S Lee, H Cho, B Park, D Kim, W Hwang
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Frosting and defrosting on rigid superhydrohobic surface
T Jing, Y Kim, S Lee, D Kim, J Kim, W Hwang
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A simple fabrication method for mechanically robust superhydrophobic surface by hierarchical aluminum hydroxide structures
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Experimental drag reduction study of super-hydrophobic surface with dual-scale structures
S Lyu, DC Nguyen, D Kim, W Hwang, B Yoon
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Toward robust nanogenerators using aluminum substrate
S Lee, JI Hong, C Xu, M Lee, D Kim, L Lin, W Hwang, ZL Wang
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Fabrication of patterned surfaces that exhibit variable wettability ranging from superhydrophobicity to high hydrophilicity by laser irradiation
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Effect of adhesive bonds on electrical performance in multi-layer composite antenna
D Kim, C You, W Hwang
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A template-based superhydrophobic tube structure with nanofiber forests and its mass flow characteristic
D Kim, W Hwang
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Impact behavior of composite antenna array that is conformed around cylindrical bodies
C You, D Kim, S Cho, W Hwang
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Bandgap tuning and XPS study of SnO2 quantum dots
B Babu, IN Reddy, K Yoo, D Kim, J Shim
Materials Letters 221, 211-215, 2018
Complete wetting characteristics of micro/nano dual-scale surface by plasma etching to give nanohoneycomb structure
D Kim, S Lee, W Hwang
Current Applied Physics 12 (1), 219-224, 2012
Artificial lotus leaf structures made by blasting with sodium bicarbonate
S Lee, D Kim, W Hwang
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Synthesis and structural, optical, photocatalytic, and electrochemical properties of undoped and yttrium-doped tetragonal ZrO2 nanoparticles
CV Reddy, IN Reddy, J Shim, D Kim, K Yoo
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Method for fabricating solid body having superhydrophobic surface structure and superhydrophobic tube using the same method
DH Kim, S Lee, IS Bae, DS Kim, DH Choi, C Lee, JH Jeon, SH Son, ...
US Patent 8,707,999, 2014
Capacitor‐Integrated Triboelectric Nanogenerator Based on Metal–Metal Contact for Current Amplification
J Chung, H Yong, H Moon, ST Choi, D Bhatia, D Choi, D Kim, S Lee
Advanced Energy Materials 8 (15), 1703024, 2018
Impact evaluation of composite-antenna-structure with embedded dual-band annular ring patch antenna
J Kim, D Kim, D Shin, WS Park, W Hwang
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Hand‐Driven Gyroscopic Hybrid Nanogenerator for Recharging Portable Devices
J Chung, H Yong, H Moon, QV Duong, ST Choi, D Kim, S Lee
Advanced Science 5 (11), 1801054, 2018
Effect of ball milling on optical properties and visible photocatalytic activity of Fe doped ZnO nanoparticles
IN Reddy, CV Reddy, M Sreedhar, J Shim, M Cho, D Kim
Materials Science and Engineering: B 240, 33-40, 2019
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