Tuan Q. Pham
Tuan Q. Pham
Canon Information Systems Research Australia
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Separable bilateral filtering for fast video preprocessing
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Robust fusion of irregularly sampled data using adaptive normalized convolution
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Performance of optimal registration estimators
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Spatiotonal adaptivity in super-resolution of under-sampled image sequences
TQ Pham
Non-maximum suppression using fewer than two comparisons per pixel
TQ Pham
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Normalized averaging using adaptive applicability functions with applications in image reconstruction from sparsely and randomly sampled data
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Determining a depth map from images of a scene
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Correlatability analysis for sparse alignment
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Determining a depth map from images of a scene
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Blocking artifacts removal by a hybrid filter method
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Gender Differences in Quality of Life and Health Services Utilization among Elderly People in Rural Vietnam
T Pham, NTT Nguyen, SB ChieuTo, TL Pham, TX Nguyen, HTT Nguyen, ...
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Image processing apparatus and image processing method for finding background regions in an image
H Tojo, K Yano, TQ Pham
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Geodesic superpixel segmentation
TQ Pham
US Patent 8,923,646, 2014
Focus finding and alignment using a split linear mask
MR Arnison, TQ Pham
US Patent 8,571,300, 2013
Multi-hypothesis projection-based shift estimation
TQ Pham
US Patent 8,824,735, 2014
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