Junghwan Byun
Silver nanowire-embedded PDMS with a multiscale structure for a highly sensitive and robust flexible pressure sensor
Y Joo, J Byun, N Seong, J Ha, H Kim, S Kim, T Kim, H Im, D Kim, Y Hong
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Electronic skins for soft, compact, reversible assembly of wirelessly activated fully soft robots
J Byun, Y Lee, J Yoon, B Lee, E Oh, S Chung, T Lee, KJ Cho, J Kim, ...
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Negatively Strain‐Dependent Electrical Resistance of Magnetically Arranged Nickel Composites: Application to Highly Stretchable Electrodes and Stretchable Lighting Devices
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Fully printable, strain-engineered electronic wrap for customizable soft electronics
J Byun, B Lee, E Oh, H Kim, S Kim, S Lee, Y Hong
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Ultraflexible and transparent electroluminescent skin for real-time and super-resolution imaging of pressure distribution
B Lee, JY Oh, H Cho, CW Joo, H Yoon, S Jeong, E Oh, J Byun, H Kim, ...
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Bioinspired dual-morphing stretchable origami
W Kim#, J Byun#, JK Kim, WY Choi, K Jakobsen, J Jakobsen, DY Lee, ...
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A Single Droplet‐Printed Double‐Side Universal Soft Electronic Platform for Highly Integrated Stretchable Hybrid Electronics
J Byun, E Oh, B Lee, S Kim, S Lee, Y Hong
Advanced Functional Materials 27 (36), 1701912, 2017
Highly Reliable Liquid Metal–Solid Metal Contacts with a Corrugated Single‐Walled Carbon Nanotube Diffusion Barrier for Stretchable Electronics
E Oh, T Kim, J Yoon, S Lee, D Kim, B Lee, J Byun, H Cho, J Ha, Y Hong
Advanced Functional Materials 28 (51), 1806014, 2018
Two-Dimensional Thickness-Dependent Avalanche Breakdown Phenomena in MoS2 Field-Effect Transistors under High Electric Fields
J Pak, Y Jang, J Byun, K Cho, TY Kim, JK Kim, BY Choi, J Shin, Y Hong, ...
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Soft Modular Electronic Blocks (SMEBs): A Strategy for Tailored Wearable Health‐Monitoring Systems
J Yoon, Y Joo, E Oh, B Lee, D Kim, S Lee, T Kim, J Byun*, Y Hong*
Advanced Science 6 (5), 1801682, 2019
Modulus‐Gradient Conductive Core–Shell Structures Formed by Magnetic Self‐Assembling and Printing Processes for Highly Stretchable Via Applications
E Oh, J Byun, B Lee, S Kim, D Kim, J Yoon, Y Hong
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Revisit to three-dimensional percolation theory: Accurate analysis for highly stretchable conductive composite materials
S Kim, S Choi, E Oh, J Byun, H Kim, B Lee, S Lee, Y Hong
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Printed cylindrical lens pair for application to the seam concealment in tiled displays
S Lee, S Lee, H Yoon, CK Lee, C Yoo, J Park, J Byun, G Kim, B Lee, ...
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ANN-based prediction on tunnel behavior
CS Yoo, SB Kim, B Joseph, DH Han
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19‐3: Invited Paper: Key Enabling Technology for Stretchable LED Display and Electronic System
Y Hong, B Lee, J Byun, E Oh, H Kim, S Kim, S Lee, D Kim, J Yoon
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Stretchable strain-tolerant soft printed circuit board: A systematic approach for the design rules of stretchable interconnects
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Artificial Soft Elastic Media with Periodic Hard Inclusions for Tailoring Strain‐Sensitive Thin‐Film Responses
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Stretchable Displays: From Concept Toward Reality
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Inkjet-printed SWCNT films for stretchable electrode and strain sensor applications
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70th Device Research Conference, 143-144, 2012
4D Printing of Continuous Shape Representation
SJ Ahn, J Byun, HJ Joo, JH Jeong, DY Lee, KJ Cho
Advanced Materials Technologies, 2100133, 2021
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